Why a virtual assistant?

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I initially thought about becoming a virtual assistant a few years ago but then I got a new exciting job and I continued working full time.

Last year I revisited the idea, did a quick course and joined the network of other like-minded people out there on this journey.

I had been working as an Executive Assistant for years so why not continue to do what I like, I thought.

“Who is a virtual assistant (VA)?” you ask. VA is a freelance business support specialist offering businesses a variety of administrative services remotely from home.

VA is technically part of your team but they are not your staff. You don’t pay their wages nor contribute to their super fund. You are not reliable to pay them when they are off on leave or when they are not well. You literally just pay them for the hours they work for you. Did you know there is also no office related expense: no phone or a desk space, no PC or a laptop. VA has their own home office and looks after their own equipment. You even sign an official working agreement.

Virtual Assistant can help you with regular business tasks or with a one off project. Do you need someone to help you organise that exhibition or a conference? Do you need someone to look after your books, manage your social media accounts or take care of your calendar and emails? Maybe you have an Airbnb listing(s) that require looking after. VA can do all that and more.

Not sure how many hours you need a virtual assistant for? Perhaps start by writing a list of regular tasks you need help with and how many hours would this give back to you to focus on what you love and what you really need to do to take your business further. It can only be as little as 3 hours a week or maybe you need a little more and for 10 hours a week someone can take of all things admin.

Virtual Assistant is ideal for a sole trader and an entrepreneur who is a Marketing Manager, CEO, Finance Manager and a PA all in one.  Instead of losing sleep and never having time for friends and family, you could outsource some of your tasks. You will probably feel happier and more productive and you will love being your own boss.

In Australia, majority of business consists of sole traders and small businesses. I see the percentage of businesses using a VA in the future go up significantly in next few years. Hiring a VA is a cost effective solution to outsourcing without employing and training staff, spending time on supervision and following work place regulations.

Where do you find a VA? I recommend starting from Instagram and Facebook, Many VAs are online and on social media. Or you can just contact me to discuss more. ?

Kairi Kaljo - Brisbane Virtual Assistant, Digital Content Creator


Kairi Kaljo is a Brisbane- based virtual assistant, digital content creator and photographer. She is an experienced Executive Assistant and Project Officer with extensive experience  in non-profit, media and higher education sector, in both Australia and Europe. She has also worked in catering and the hotel business and had several side hustles as a second income throughout the years. If you’re looking for someone to help you get organised, get in touch today!