About me

Hi, I’m Kairi Kaljo

I have always wanted to fly solo and work for myself. My dream was to open a small French chic café / pâtisserie but instead, I have gone for a more realistic route and I’m doing what I do best — organising.

After working in administrative roles for almost 15 years, I decided it was time for me to take the next step. It took careful planning and consideration but here I am, managing my own virtual assistant (VA) business called Virtual Avenue.

I am an experienced Executive Assistant and Project Officer with extensive experience  in non-profit, media and higher education sector, in both Australia and Europe.

Additionally, I have also worked in catering and the hotel business and had several side hustles as a second income throughout the years.

I am a foodie and love trying out new cafés and restaurants. I love baking when I have the time, and of course, sampling some good quality wine. Socialising over food and wine is my favourite way of spending time. I am also a nomad and always planning for a next getaway.

Being a creative person at heart who loves to organise, I understand you, who loves taking photos more than replying to emails and invoicing your customers. I know you, whose passion is designing beautiful homes or making sure your clients have a healthy balanced diet.

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Why lose your passion in the middle of all the procedures and paperwork that comes with running your own business? With some help from me you can continue to enjoy doing what you love and spend your time on doing things that really matter.

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