Virtual services

Administrative tasks

We know you are a heavily invested in making your business a success story. You are running a small company and you often spend time on tasks you don’t particularly enjoy or you worry how to make your social pages more attractive and pull in more customers.

In order to grow, we all need a little help and support. Even though we think we have the knowledge to manage everything ourselves, we physically don’t have the capacity.

Whether you are producing great wine, foods or designing beautiful homes, there are only so many hours in the day. You need someone to support you with administrative stuff and visual content so you can show up on social media, raise awareness about your products and services but at same time continue to focus on what makes you and your customers happy and the reason behind starting your business in the first place.

You don’t need a full time business manager with all the added expenses to help you reach your goals. Here at Virtual Avenue I take care of your daily admin and help you grow your business.

Ways I can help you

  • Email and bookings management
  • Customer management
  • Event planning
  • Sourcing quotes and finding suppliers
  • Social media post scheduling, content planning and creation
  • Food and venue photography
Kairi Kaljo, Brisbane Virtual Assistant, Digital Content Creator, Photographer

Never promise anything you can’t deliver.

Actions speak louder than words. Words cost nothing. Actions cost everything.

Kairi Kaljo, Brisbane Virtual Assistant, Digital Content Creator, Photographer

Visual content creation for food & hospitality businesses

Do you need photos to make yourself attractive to your clients and followers? Us humans, we are visual creatures and we eat with our eyes.

If the food is not appealing, we are not that interested but if food looks consistently amazing, we want to taste it, buy it and visit the venue serving those amazing looking dishes. It’s all about visuals and then the taste.

I offer packages to look after your socials and produce you with great looking visual content dependent on your style and audience so you can keep impressing your regulars or attract new customers.

Get in touch to discuss how I can help you nail that impeccable visual social presence.

Are you a solopreneur or a small business needing help with anything not mentioned above?

Not a problem. I am part of a network of great Australian VAs and can help you find an assistant to help you reach your goals.